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For 3M employees, retirees, family members and friends.

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Welcome Pool Enthusiast!

Welcome to the Pool League web site!

Do you want to spend a few hours with some new (and old) friends?
Do you like friendly competition, or just friendly games?
Do you want to improve, or just learn, this wonderful game?

Then we're here for you!

The Pool League exists to allow a friendly and competitive environment for all persons interested in this great game, to promote its participation and to teach all who want to learn. If you have any question, please send it to any member of the Pool League, and they will answer it or forward it to someone who can help you.

3M employees, retirees, family members and friends, whether you are an avid pool player or just interested in learning this fascinating game, you are welcome to join the league. Please see the "How do I join?" page for more information.

How can I find local leagues in my area? Check your local pool rooms. Check out local tournaments (MNBilliards.com tournament finder) and ask the players and pool-room owners for suggestions.

Do YOU play pool? Send us a note and we will maintain a list of pool players in your area so that we can share resources. We just need your name/email, telephone number, address and location.

Do I have to be good? Only at typing your name! If you want to start learning the game, or if you want to play some friendly games, or if you want to experience some competitive pool, then you are honor bound to send us your name so that we can help you out! Don't delay - your next opponent is just waiting to hear from you!

Please contact Paul Gorgos if you have any questions or if you would like us to keep you informed on what is happening!

Something missing? Something not working? Don't know who to call for more information? Send a note to the web site coordinator: jmpilgrim(at)mmm(dot)com